Teaching Jobs in Brazil – Everything You Should Know

Brazil is an extremely popular tourist destination owing to its lush rain forests, beaches, great culture, and cosmopolitan cities. The lively carnivals held in Brazil are just one instance of the vibrant local culture.

The visa process

Getting a tourist visa to enter Brazil is usually pretty easy; foreigners need to apply via their local Brazilian Consulate. Tourist visas can be valid for several months and could be extended if the necessity arises. In order to get a work visa, it is necessary to secure a job that will sponsor you. No matter what the length of time you plan on working in Brazil, you will need to get a visa in order to do so.

Quite a few people enter on tourist visas and then apply for a working one once they secure a job.

Finding teaching jobs in Brazil

There are quite a few opportunities for qualified TEFL teachers in Brazil. You can find jobs for teaching at various levels and for different age groups. A large number of companies in Brazil hire teachers to train their employees so that they can improve the English language communication skills of their employees.


Not all schools in Brazil may advertize their English teaching jobs, so the best way to acquire one is by doing so in person. If you do find a teaching job in Brazil over the telephone, you will be super-lucky. It is quite hard to find schools that will sponsor your airfare and accommodation.

If you would like to find teaching jobs in Brazil, the best way is to start looking for jobs before you reach the country, make calls, and try to contact any known person in Brazil.

Requirements for teaching in Brazil

The minimum qualifications you will need in order to teach English in Brazil is to be a native speaker of English and TESOL certificate. You can visit Brazil on a tourist visa and apply for teaching jobs, although working while on a tourist visa is considered illegal.

A temporary work visa and a volunteer visa could also allow you to teach in Brazil. In case you have a contract with a school, it is important that you make sure the school is legitimate. A passport that is valid is an obvious requirement, and it is best to apply for your visa in person.

A few important tips

To begin with, it would always be beneficial if you know basic Portuguese when you land in Brazil. Knowing the local language will automatically enhance your communication and help you connect with the locals.

Always remember to carry your identification proof with you, while in Brazil. If you can drive, getting an international driver’s license would be great. Also, keep your eyes and ears open for alternative teaching jobs like private tutoring and the like.

A lot of companies and businesses look for tutors whom they employ so as to train their employees. There is fierce competition for public teaching jobs, so be ready to step up your game if this is your goal.

Photo Credit: US Department of Education

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